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An American

Thanksgiving Ceremony

Book Reviews

The Federalist Papers

Not One More Red Cent

Constituting America

Elected Officials & gov’t:

Track your Congressmen and Senators’ votes

Kentucky Legislators’ contact info

Federal Regs available for
public comment

U.S. debt – a running total

– To check the status of any bill, go here.  To leave a message for KY state legislators, call 800-372-7181
or 502-564-8100; Bill status line – 888-701-1488; Calendar line 800-633-9650; to
have your KY legislator contact you 800-592-4399

KY state legislature home page

Register to vote in Kentucky

*Contact info for other elected officials

Legislative Resource Council
a source of state statutes, etc.

Proposed Legislation in KY

Metro Louisville

Government transparency:

Kentucky Legislative Branch Expenditures

Track KY Bills

Think Tanks:

*Acton Institute for
the Study of Religion and Liberty

*Bluegrass Insitute for Public
Policy Solutions

Institute For Public Policy Solutions

*Cato Institute interesting articles
on Social Security, health insurance reform, urban sprawl, etc.

Freedom above fortune
– studying the constitutionality of income tax

Freedom force international

Independent Institute and
Independent Review and

Manhattan Institute

Media Research Center – points out the bias of the

Ludwig Von Mises Institute

National Center
for Policy Analysis

Center for Public Policy Research

– includes papers on the environment, budget, etc.

The Objectivist Center
– applying Ayn Rand’s philosophy to current topics

American Council on
Science and Health
gives you the straight scoop on risks

News and commentary:

Ayn Rand Inst.

Capitalism Magazine

Drudge Report

Illinois Leader, The

Jewish World Review

Mr. Right Opinion

Lew Rockwell

Liberty Impact

Neal Boortz



Rational Review

Reason Magazine

Salon Magazine

Thomas Sowell

John Stossel



World Net Daily

Citizen Lobbying Groups:

Take Back Kentucky

League of Kentucky Property Owners

Liberty Central – organized by Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

LaSalle County Illinois Land Owners

The American Revolution Part 2

Global warming information:

Carbon Sense

Free Books and stuff On-Line:href=””>Frederic Bastiat – Biography and works
on-line, including The Law

Henry Hazlitt Texts

Project Gutenburg

Send a freedom-oriented
or another
Green is the Valley, Blue are
the Hills
, by Thomas Crane

Promoters of freedom:

912 project – national

Kentucky 912

Louisville 912

10th Amendment movement

explaining life, liberty and property.  Excellent!!

Free State Project
– a group of liberty-loving activists looking for 20,000 people who
will agree to move to a state and take it over, converting it to a  liberty-oriented

Give me Liberty

Youth For Liberty

American Law Sources
– US, including federal, each state, as well as other North American cases and laws
Political Parties and Groups

Club  for Growth

Constitution Party
of Kentucky –

Liberty Committee – organized by several U.S. Representatives

Libertarian Party (National)

Libertarian Party of Georgia ,
Libertarian Party of Kentucky
Libertarian party of Ohio Libertarian Party of Tennessee

Republican Liberty Caucus

Education Resource Organization

Check the
of Kentucky government school teachers

A study
of the universal tuition tax credit

Parents group

Camp America – a liberty-oriented
summer camp for teenagers, also sponsors a writing competition

Christian Home Educators
of Kentucky

Kentucky Home Educators Association

Taylor Gatto

Kids Links

Separation of School and State

Foundation for individual
rights in education

Property Rights, Transportation, and Land Use Planning:Ecologic

Institute for Justice
– a legal defense group that defends property rights, the right of people to start
their own businesses, free speech, etc.

Property Rights
Research Org.

A listing of Supreme Court
property rights cases

Public Purpose
– A web site by Wendell Cox that explores land use, light rail, “smart growth”
and other related issues

Fuel Efficiency Test Center

Science and EnvironmentJunk Sciencedebunking
the myths
Gun Rights –

Gun Owners of America

Jews For the Preservation of Firearms

Kentucky Coalition To Carry

Students for Concealed Carry on Campus

Political myths Drug IssuesKentucky NORML
– A group seeking to change marijuana laws. 
Advocates for Self-Government
– home of the world’s smallest political quiz – A source for self-help, health, and personal
finance info

Sources for books, etc.Liberty Tree

Check out Urban Legends

How to deal with
hoaxes and virus warnings

Gas Buddy