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Confused about “service”

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Facebook for the Senior generation 


Jewish Holiday



Missing wife

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Why we shoot deer

 The Jewish Quarterback

How to speak leftist – Andrew Klavan short video – 

Puns for educated minds

Drafting people over 50

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Evan Sayet – How liberals reach the top of their professions

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 Liberal paradise

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 Children’s views on angels

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Polish moose hunt

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Thoughts of a man over 70. 


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Groundhog day?

Where there’s a will….

A third-grader writes about his retarded grandparents

Wife from hell

Cosmic laws

Illegals flooding Canadian border 


Halftime in America – Eastwood spoof one minute commercial

 Free birth control?

Neil Armstrong and Mr. Gorski

Letter from the state of PA

I miss the Bronx

Mother Superior 

Bland VP?

Used manure spreader for sale 


A little Bible study

New car for Harry Reid

Give a man a fish…

New jokes about the idiots in Washington

Jesus and the Democrat 


Presidents in Uniform



Texas Deputy Sheriff vs. New York Lawyer 


 Effective border control

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 Australian tourist board

An engineer goes to hell

Catholic heart attack

 Check your mailbox!

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The dead horse theory of government

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About my dog

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 Funny animal group names

Ode to the welfare state from 1949

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Innocence is priceless

How’s Norma?

Southern boys

Homeless man’s funeral

Harley biker

 New cost saving policy

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 If I had my life to live over – by Erma Bombeck

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Obama visits elementary school

A real drug problem

New rules of golf

Exciting new product – Spenditol!

Public school teacher arrested at airport

Archie Bunker is not happy with Obama

Secrets to a long marriage

Unexpected endings

WV Lady


Irish diet

Osama is dead

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Why men are never depressed

Warning from Afghanistan

Popularity drop

Lemon squeeze and more

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I don’t care.  Obama is awesome.  (5 minute video cartoon)

Yes, I’m a Senior Citizen

Send it on

John Stewart video of America at Not-War

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Video snippet from Zorro explaining government regulations

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Two problems solved

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President’s day

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Why the oil shortage?

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World’s scariest license plate

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Cutting back

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Great moments in liberal history – video

Getting older

Liberal explains global warming

Elderly lady

Governors and coyotes

Name the three shortest books

Have you ever danced?

Thanks to my friends

Jesus and the Democrat

Men’s ages as determined by trips to Home Depot

Check out Jihad Bells in Bethlehem – a musical spoof

Sensitive men

A cup of tea for Daddy

Five minute management course

Video of Bill Cosby – Understanding Southern

Kentucky concealed carry

New government programs

Careful what you name your website

Kentucky declares war on the U.S.A.

A child’s perspective

Splinters in her crotch

Are you a Democrat, Republican, or Southerner?

Link to possible TSA bumper stickers

Thank you from Michelle

Morning sex


An ounce of prevention

The Parrot

Canadians say build a fence!

The middle wife

Deer me!

Two little old ladies

Man in supermarket

Indian wants coffee

Learning Spanish

Call me Senator – a video spoof on Barbara Boxer

Mark Roth quote of the week

What is a grandparent?

Comebacks from cops

When I grow up

Senator and St. Peter

Catholic horses


The Daily Show segment on unions

Advice from Larry

No comment needed

Sign spotted in Louisville

Couple goes to heaven

Saint Nancy

How’s your day going?

Cattle guards?

Dear Subjects…

High School 1953 vs today

Music video – The bomb, the bomb, now I’ll have the bomb, because you have waited way too long. (click here)

New definition of racism

This woman knows how to prioritize

Ray Stevens song “Come to the U.S.A.” a spoof on illegal immigration – click here

Hospital chart bloopers

Building permit

Cultural differences explained

Where can I get my pistol engraved like this?

Helpful thoughts

Doctors vs. Gun Owners

More Arizona immigration law problems

Free bungee jumps for politicians

happy dog story



On the first day

Taliban suppository – just what the doctor ordered

The cannibal

Bubba’s rules of etiquette

Clothing label

Finally a sensible error message!

What a great lawyer

Dr. Seuss Goes Political

GED questions and answers

Little Larry

Illegal immigration

Aircraft conversation

The best salesman

They still fit!

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North vs. South

The grandma test

Redneck hanging basket

Attention illegal immigrants

Take out the trash

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Sign in a business window in Florida

Three Presidential briefings

New Japanese camera

Just be yourself?

Very important list

British marriage humour

Running red light

Harry and the salesman

Inner peace

Psalm 2010

A rhyming bigot?

Press for a message from the President

Job application

Tea party sign – Give Tiger a Break (click here)

Obama impersonator video (click here) — We must build roads and bridges so the American people will have a place to live under and to jump off of!

Letter to Dad

Tech support

Don’t forget next Saturday

Check the oil

3 leaders die and go to hell

New word for BS

Law of the garbage truck

Author unknown

New airport security


Civics lesson

Shovels, asses, and the promised land

Farm humor from The Patriot Post

Jimmy Carter billboard

Theological question – where is hell?

Jesus and the Democrat

An Irish Robbery

Blonde joke


The cowboy

Be the man

Obama Value Meal

How many dogs does it take to change a lightbulb?

Why we love children

Brand new world

Garden snakes can be dangerous

Installing a husband

Obama jokes

Jack Daniels fishing story

Gifts for the teacher

They walk among us

A $50 lesson

The confessional

Cash for clunkers

Cowboy boots


Pizza nationalization

Video of India/Pakistan border closing ceremony (2.5 minutes) click here

Pilot to tower

Hell froze over

Ladies yearly exam

Sunday paper

Virgins in heaven

Clothing label

Gentle thoughts for today

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I killed the old cow

How to tell when people have had enough snow

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New element discovered

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Winners of the “Dark and Stormy Night” literary contest

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What is celibacy?

How much snow?

Ted Nugent

Story of a Challenged Senior Citizen

Gonorrhea Lectim