Your Liberty is Our Interest

How High – and Low – Can It Go?


by John Knapp

I’ve known since Barack Hussein Obama was first elected that ‘something is rotten in the State of Denmark.’ That famous

Shakespearean euphemism, this time, is about our Denmark-on-the-Potomac, Washington D.C. 

Don’t each new day’s public revelations boggle the mind, challenge the reality we thought we knew, and steadily erode the nation’s confidence in its official leadership and national government?

This growing-by-leaps-and-bounds, getting bigger-than-the-Titanic, political corruption scandal…..brought to you mostly by an arrogant Democratic Party, along with a cadre of assorted Republican-elite conspirators and government bureaucrats, and a complicit mainstream media…..portends to become the greatest political scandal perpetrated on an otherwise free society in the history of this country, if not the world.

The rot feels ubiquitous. Whole swaths of high-level bureaucrats, political appointees, and liberal political hacks – the ‘Deep State’ – are fighting a covert-overt Civil Service War against the U.S. Constitution, against the U.S. citizenry, against a legitimately-elected President. At this juncture, it’s daily becoming more apparent the tentacles of betrayal came down from the top. How deep they might go is anyone’s guess.


The investigations continue. One is a fake-investigation, the Mueller investigation. It’s just as fake as fake news gets, and yet it continues, a Democrat political diversion of the first magnitude. There hasn’t been any ‘There’ there since the Mueller Investigation began. This charade is corruption, folks….lies upon lies, all meant to obfuscate and distract from real truth.


The other investigation is slowly opening the pores of the BIG SCANDAL in all its variously-related veins of official betrayal of the American People under the ‘stewardship’ of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, et. al. Congress needs to move along with this. The 2018 elections will soon be upon us, and voting Americans need to know the truth, to see justice coming down the road, for to restore some of the public’s lost faith in a rotted government.


It’s time to turn up the heat, President Trump.  


I’ve said many times that all of us fly-over Deplorables have only seen the tip of the great, corrupt, wretched, federal iceberg before us. A big part of the problem is not that we can’t see it, for in our hearts, we really do see and know. Most Americans instinctively know much better than where we’ve allowed this government to bring us.


Any government will ultimately become no better than the people it leads – or that they are willing to put up with : it will become the kind of government those people deserve. If We the People acquiesce in corrupt government, official corruption will multiply in spades, sure as the Aussie Flu.


This federal government has become the single organizational monolith which all Americans have in common. Our American culture has been too complacent in the face of a federal government which increasingly subsidizes bad behavior, a practice which only promotes more of it. In turn – predictably – government now routinely subsidizes its own bad behavior. This is Banana-republic, 101 Theory.


The Declaration of Independence was written to address governance that was engaged in subsidizing its own bad behavior. The Revolutionary War was fought by a new American Culture which had become resolute in living under honest governance which answered to We the People. Upon victory, the U.S. Constitution further cemented those valid precepts. This is Thomas Jefferson, 101….still honest, still correct, forever relevant.


I am reminded of those prescient words not long ago uttered by former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Although he was discussing the problem of Islamic terrorism then, his words will serve as well in discussing the current investigations into the (apparent) traitorous network of highly placed public officials currently under Congressional investigation.


When asked ‘What keeps you up at night?’ Secretary Rumsfeld replied (and I’m paraphrasing) ‘There are known knowns, and there are known unknowns. But what worries me are the unknown unknowns, those things we have no idea we don’t know.’


We really have no idea what all this shadow government has been propagating, along and along, in its insatiable quest for power, everything else be damned.


Perhaps all of us should be up at night.


John Knapp         January 28, 2018


January 29th, 2018 at 6:50 am

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