Your Liberty is Our Interest

For all the heirs


by John Knapp


How would you like to play poker with
a bunch of players who reserve the ‘right’ to

change the rules of poker as the game goes

along? What if the card-players were professional politicians, the ‘game’ was your government, and the rules were the Constitution? And the chips? The chips were your liberty, your livelihood, your security, peace, and your children’s futures?


That’s the game reasonable Americans have been tolerating for far too long.


Didn’t the spirit of the Declaration of Independence speak exactly to this ‘game’, this recurring human problem, forever and always, for any peoples who find themselves living under such conditions, but who would rather be free of it? The Constitution was written to hold fast above the fray of common political thuggery, to affirm and protect the Natural, God-given rights of free men from despots and governments run-amok.


Fast forward from revolutionary days to America, 2017.


The steady incrementalism of liberal-think has this government run firmly amok. It’s gridlock, by any other name. The ‘players’ seem to prefer the ‘game’ to be mired in the muck. They do live oh-so-well there, mired in their muck. But, government-from-the-muck is a prohibitively-expensive proposition for the rest of us. Countries often die from it.


The fix can only begin this way: the People just have to decide when enough is enough, and then have the courage of their convictions. Had enough yet….already?


The Founders had to come to three conclusions

before they decided to fight King George: 1) I’m

not living like this, 2) I will not fear the King,

and 3) Some things are more important than

me and all my stuff. Simple, really. And timeless. But then comes the hard part.


We the People are now on the same doorstep

we were in 1775. Tyrants do not leave quietly in

a taxicab when you call them out for what they

are. They dig in their heels and double down.


We have the government we have, in spite of

our Constitution, compliments of the ruling

elite and the deep state. To my knowledge,

there is no Constitutional provision for either

a ruling elite or a ‘deep state’. Neither of those two groups’ interests parallel or underpin the People’s interests, or the honorable intents of Republican governance.


The Constitution has become irrelevant to the

ruling elite and the deep state, which are engaged in political mutualism, to each other’s continued benefit….above all else. This government has become an exercise in political vulgarity, bereft of decency, honesty, and honorable judgement, unfit for the job of governing the Republic willed to them by their predecessors. Is this vulgarity what the Founders, and what our fathers and grandfathers, fought and died to protect, in order to bequeath to us? I can’t imagine.


If enough of us cannot firmly resolve to fix this,

then We the People are equally unfit as heirs to

The American Exceptionalism….as is our vulgar

government… are those vulgar politicians who presume to speak for and ‘lead’ us away from being the America we were supposed to be.


Once again, We the People find ourselves

immersed in times that try men’s souls.

John Knapp……..December 6, 2017

December 10th, 2017 at 1:14 pm

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