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Delusional College Professors

Ladies and Gentlemen,


The Lexington Herald-Leader recently published an article written by three very liberal activist college professors. After you’ve read the article, you will be dumbfounded by just how delusional these folks really are. Whats frightening is that they are influencing our sons and daughters. I have attached a link to the Herald-Leader article and my response.




A recent article in the Herald-Leader titled “Myth, deception mask corporate power; a real debate is needed” provided an insight into just how out of touch our college and university professors really are about Kentucky’s political history and about its current financial crisis. Mr. Yanarella, Mr. Silver and Mr. Reid are somehow trying to place the blame for the state’s poverty issues, income inequality problems, budget woes and pension crisis at the feet of our current Governor and Republican majority Legislature.

What they deliberately fail to admit is that until last year, the Kentucky State House of Representatives had been a Democrat majority house going all the way back to 1921. They also fail to admit that from 1971 to 2015, with the exception of 4 years of Ernie Fletcher’s administration, The Democrats have controlled the Kentucky Governor’s office. The failures they describe, all came about under Democrat governance. Governor Bevin took office with a $79 billion dollar pension debt and another $15 billion in boded (borrowed) debt. All accumulated by Democrat mismanagement and malfeasance. Former Democrat House Speaker Greg Stumbo also deserves much of the blame for Kentucky’s current condition. Yet folks like these three liberal academics want us to believe that Kentucky’s problems are somehow the fault of our new Governor and the Republicans.

Shall we document the Steve Beshear administration? In 2015, a Harvard University study named the Beshear Administration the most corrupt state government in the entire country. During the Beshear Administration, Greg Stumbo and others conspired to take $56 million dollars out of a state fund that provided cost of living increases for police officers and redirected it to the state’s general fund, where they could spend it on their pet pork projects. Instead of balancing the state budget with tax income, the Beshear Administration would borrow the money to fill the shortfall and perpetuate their pork barrel spending. Shortly after leaving office, two of Steve Beshear’s closest associates (and Andy Beshear staffers) were arrested by the FBI for selling no bid state contracts to vendors in exchange for kickbacks that were funneled into Andy Beshear’s political campaign. Both are now doing prison time and a lobbyist is awaiting trial for helping them. The U of L board that was disassembled by Governor Bevin was illegally constructed by Steve Beshear and was made up of some his largest political donors. Amazingly enough, those same board members were also some of Andy Beshear’s largest donors. Governor Bevin, with the approval of the courts, has now LEGALLY restructured the U of L board with people who are actually qualified to sit on it.

In the first two years of the Bevin Administration, thousands of new jobs have been created or moved to Kentucky with billions of dollars of new manufacturing investment in the state. The Bevin Administration through its red tape reduction act has slashed red tape that for years had stifled the growth and prosperity of small businesses and citizens. More and more Kentucky counties are seeing their political party registrations switch from majority Democrat to Majority Republican as Kentuckians continue to awaken to the reality that Kentucky Democrat leadership has been corrupt and destructive for far too many years.

The decades long history of destructive, corrupt and oppressive Democrat leadership have pushed Kentucky to the bottom of many societal metrics like poverty, illiteracy and unemployment. The Bevin Administration in two years, has already made more positive changes in Kentucky than Steve Besher did in his entire eight year reign.

When three very progressively liberal activist college professors collaborate to write a fictional article such as the Herald-Leader published, you begin to understand how and why our children are coming out of our institutes of higher learning with absolutely no sense of reality or historical perspective.

Scott Hofstra

Vine Grove, Ky

December 18th, 2017 at 8:20 am

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