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How Donald Trump Can Drain The Swamp from Above


by John Knapp

So, after seven years of lies and outrageously-broken GOP promises, Obamacare stands? It’s full out : The Swamp has sold its bi-partisan soul.

We’ve been witnessing this ever-increasing black hole of America’s liberty-grabbing federal government since Slick Willie Clinton showed up in 1992. It’s pure folly to expect The Swamp to cooperate in draining itself, cuz that just ain’t happenin’. The Swamp has had the game (unconstitutionally!) well-fixed, way before most of the rest of us woke up and smelled the metastasized nature of bipartisan-brewed government coffee.

There’s a reason why 4 of the 5 richest counties in the whole country are adjacent to Washington, D.C. Money is power. Politics is power. Making law is power. Fraternizing with the Powerful who make law is power. All, these things, intertwined, seem nearly unbeatable. Nearly.

When someone manages to get in the D.C. power game, most will do anything – including some serious soul-selling – just to stay in the game. Power corrupts? Absolutely! I saw where President Trump was threatening to cancel the – Special, Separate, and Unequal – Congressional HealthCare Plans as payback for their Obamacare repeal sellout. That sounds like a decent start, only, I doubt Trump has the Constitutional authority to do that. Congress’ Healthcare Plans were well-fixed, theoretically-untouchable, long before Donald Trump ever got there.

I’ve had some thoughts about what Donald Trump could do, mostly by going above The Swamp to drain it, rather than wading in, trying to go through or across it.

If President Trump wanted to do something statesmanly-spectacular, he would break the (here-to-fore) unbreakable bi-partisan tradition and appoint 3 dozen (or more, whatever it takes) ‘Special Prosecutors’ to investigate the worst of the worst Washington political chicanery – of past and recent shenanigan-pullers, regardless of their party affiliation. Maybe some would get convicted and actually go to jail, which would do wonders for the public’s trust in their government! More importantly, it would rock the whole Swamp back on its heels and put them all on defense for a very long time. So many of them could not stand up to serious legal scrutiny. What’s wrong with breaking a corrupt tradition, President Trump?

President Trump should start talking about how government-sector labor unions are at odds with the intent of the Declaration of Independence, as well as the spirit of the Constitution. Public-sector unions are a giant conflict of interest. They’ve become an organized conspiracy against the private sector. Government-sector labor unions, with their perks, pay, privileges, and job security, are Socialism’s primary prerequisite. Their politics are a money-laundering scheme, transferring tax-payer money through government employees, to (mostly) democrat politicians, who are always in favor of ever-more bloated government! Not hard for We the People to understand!

It’s no longer a rumor that millions of illegal votes were cast in the 2016 election. Donald Trump can make the case to the American people that this must stop before the 2018 election. States who can’t clean up their voter rolls, or ones which condone cheating, should have their vote tallies voided until they can pass the standard. Surely, President Trump could appoint a Special True-the-Vote Czar, to help curtail dishonesty in national elections. The Swamp will howl, no doubt, especially democrats. But, one vote per duly registered voter in national elections should be the national standard. No more of this blatant cheating, where more than 100% of registered voters in scattered precincts vote for the same Democrat candidate. America is not yet a banana republic. We the People will support the president on this idea, hands down.

President Trump could loudly (and often) bring up the topic of why the Founders specified only a ‘Natural Born Citizen’ was eligible to the office of the presidency, rather than just an ordinary ‘Citizen’. There is easily-understandable historical definition to explain the difference between the two. Beyond that, there is also the Founders’ reasoning why a ‘Natural Born Citizen’ would likely make for a less nationally-risky occupant of that high office.

President Trump should freely use our recent miserable experience with His Disgracefulness’ tenure as a textbook example of why the difference is so critically important. Trump could sue the Supreme Court to get off the dime and finally make a crystal clear ruling on the issue, on the intent of America’s Founders. The Swamp cowardly abdicated their Constitutional duties during Barack Hussein Obama’s illegitimate rise to Power, and this must never happen again. We the People will understand this, if Donald Trump will explain and then push it, and call the Republican governors for help!


The Presidency is limited to two terms, so why shouldn’t Congress be subject to the same rationale behind term limitations? How do relative paupers begin their ‘public-service’ tenures and retire decades later as multi-multi-millionaires? One more iteration of creative corruption, that’s how! Was this behavior what the Founders had in mind for the People’s Representatives? (Nope, not even close!) President Trump should start seriously talking about term-limits for the House and Senate. Swamp&Co. will vehemently oppose the idea, of course, but, so what? We the People won’t.

Congress has passed so many laws for the American people to live under, all while exempting themselves from those same laws. The Founders would have found this contemptible practice grounds for open rebellion, because it is endemic, serial corruption. President Trump should start talking about this corruption, that any previous law from which Congress has exempted itself, such law should be declared null and void for all, and therefore without standing. Swamp&Co will vehemently oppose the idea, but We the People won’t.

Trump could also bring up the cavalry by encouraging the states to begin using the 9th and 10th amendments to help him drain so much intolerable federal overreach oozing out from the D.C. Swamp. If a few states begin the Constitutional process of nullifying federal overreach, there would come a landslide for liberty. If Kansas decided it’s not going to have its Citizens put up with Federal Edict # 36,425, then, human nature being what it is, Nebraskans next door would likely decide the same thing for themselves. 

It took over a hundred years of Progressive lying and conniving, along with enough GOP acquiescence, to create the monstrous federal leviathan now controlling every jot and tittle of American life. Nevertheless, this mess can be torn down in a much shorter time frame, and from without (not from within.) It’s top-heavy and can be made to fall in on itself, provided red-blooded Americans will courageously apply themselves to what they know is Right….the same Right for which The Founders’ fought and died. And, it needn’t require blood-letting this time.

Wrong can’t stand up to what’s right when Right’s time finally comes around. Poland pushed the USSR tyranny over the edge when millions of ordinary Polish citizens steadfastly declared ‘We’ll have no more of this’. It was a bloodless revolution.

We the People just have to find our moral courage. Again. If Donald Trump isn’t the man, then who is, pray tell? If not now, then when, America? If not us, then why the hell not us?

The clock ticks, and our grandchildren grow, and American history impatiently awaits our decision, one way….or the other.

John Knapp    July 30, 2017

July 31st, 2017 at 8:33 am

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