Your Liberty is Our Interest

Making the world a better place through the aggressive use of force

by Theresa Camoriano


While many people like to think of government as being a kindly, motherly or fatherly figure, the fact is that, after removing all the window dressing, government simply is the legalized use of force in a society.  Government passes laws and then forces the people to comply with those laws.

As a conservative in the American tradition, I believe that government obtains its rights from the people, so the use of force by government essentially should be limited to the use of force that an individual originally had: namely, a defensive use of force, to defend life and property against aggression.

However, today, instead of limiting its force to defense, government has gone on offense, using its force to aggressively regulate and control a large part of our business lives and our personal lives.  Leftists and the Democratic party continually push for the growth of government power and force, because they believe that a government of increased power and force will make the world a better place.  When asked at what point they would consider the size and scope of government to be too large, they generally respond that they have not given much thought to that question.  For leftists, there is never too much government — never too much force being used against the people.

Given the amount of faith leftist put in the use of aggressive force by the “right people” to make the world a better place, it is not surprising that some leftist activists become impatient with the government and resort to the use of aggressive force themselves, since they believe themselves to be the “right people”.  That is why the aggressive use of force by Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter and Antifa generally have been met with approval from the left.  That is why leftists pal around with domestic terrorists like Bill Ayers.  And that is why leftists wink at and often even show outright approval for dramas and comedies depicting the killing of their political opponents.  For them, aggressive force by the “right people” is an acceptable tool to reach the better world they seek to build.  After all, as Stalin said, you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.

So, we should not be surprised when a leftist activist takes out a rifle and tries to kill his political opponents, as recently occurred in Alexandria, Virginia.  No doubt, in his mind, he was just following the theme established by leftist leaders in using aggressive force to make the world a better place.

June 15th, 2017 at 12:41 pm

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