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When is Enough, Enough?


by John Knapp

22 kids are dead and over 50 injured at a music concert in Manchester, England, compliments of an Islamist suicide bomber who provided the fireworks for the grand finale. The ever-peaceful ‘religion’ of Islam strikes again.

How timely, this deed of inexplicable madness, that the still-warm speeches President Donald Trump has just given in the middle east regarding the world-wide threat from terrorism, have been so well-underlined with the blood of Western innocents!

Even more importantly, how perfectly this act of utter brutality and cowardice underlines  former president Obama’s cowardice – nay, complicity – in addressing this abscessed world-wide (but,mostly the Western-world) menace.

Houston, we have a liberal-leftist problem….

How this act of murder should cut the legs out from under any western officials who advocate for immigration from world locales that have simmered in such behavior for over a thousand years. Islam, stripped down to Cliff-notes, is neither ‘peaceful’ nor ‘religion’, but more of a master war plan for its adherents, a collusion of the criminally insane.

Western cultures and eastern cultures cannot co-exist together, for they each are built on philosophies far too different from one another. Western philosophy is built on principles that (middle-eastern) philosophy –  such that it is – abhors and intends to crush, one way or another.

So, the west is oil, to middle-eastern vinegar. It’s red ants vs. black ants, right down the line. If we acquiesce, the west will surely die. And that would be our just desserts, for being too stupid too live.  

A day or two before President Trump left on his trip to the middle east, he directed the Pentagon to ‘obliterate’ ISIS. The world needs to get behind that idea, wherever it leads, until ISIS – and all their like-minded terrorist brethren-affiliates – are safely converted to dust on the ash heap of history.

Leftist (western) public officials and bureaucrats who’ve made excuses for terrorist behavior should be driven from office, as they are complicit, and not fit for the leadership of anything. Their free speech rights notwithstanding, they should be shamed away from having public jobs or podium privileges ever again. Or TV commentary time, for they are bigger moral cowards than the terrorists.

It’s way past ‘go’ time, people.

John Knapp   May 23, 2017    

May 23rd, 2017 at 10:32 am

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