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We do not need SB 219 to license recreational therapists

by Theresa Camoriano

The KY legislature is currently considering enacting a law to license recreational therapists (SB219). Don’t we have enough licensing laws already that make it difficult for people to work and earn a living and that make it more expensive for consumers to obtain the services they want? Private certifications are fine, but the state should leave consumers free to decide whom they want to hire. We do not need another licensing mandate that would make it illegal to engage in recreational therapy without a license.

In fact, we should be considering which licensing laws we can repeal.  For example, a person should  not need a license from the state in order to work as a massage therapist.  Let a private massage therapy association license massage therapists and let the consumers decide whether they want to hire someone who is licensed or not.

Most of these licensing laws are just protectionist measures that protect the licensed people from competition and reduce the options for consumers.  The state needs to butt out and let free people make their own decisions.

February 27th, 2017 at 10:11 am

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