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Lefty-Think, Coming to a Boil Near You?


by John Knapp

Take it from history, when the left gets far enough out of whack, there’s no ‘going back’ the easy way. Think about where the Despots, Socialists, Marxists, and Communists have taken their countries (and the world) over the  centuries. Tyrants never relinquish control without creating a seismic commotion. Reasonable is not who they are.

These are dangerous days for the future of America. The recently-retired ex-President, His Disgracefulness, and others, are fomenting leftist insurrection in our midst.

The Founders were wise to the underlying nature of leftists and terminal malcontents, and they tried to protect against those people, the same way God gave Moses the Ten Commandments for humans to live by.

But, if enough malcontents want to ignore the wisdom and the guardrails in the Constitution, while the rest of us acquiesced long enough in that bad behavior, then we get what we’ve got.

What’s going on now in this country is the legacy of acquiescing in the encroachment of liberalism into all facets of American life, particularly in misguided public policies, which is no less than governmental bad behavior.

Government is that one entity which we all have in common, that singular thread which stitches us all together. Now, finally faced with a Trumping, years of liberal-left government has predictably brought loony lefty-think to a boil.

There’s no telling how many liberal moles are employed by this government, moles who can’t be fired due to civil service rules. The only way to bust up this liberal consortium is for Congress to de-fund entire agencies and programs, in order to get rid of the networks of troublemakers…..and then start again, perhaps….slowly….and depending. Only, Congress will never do that.

Trump has so many covert liberal-left apparatchiks on the inside of government working against him that cleaning house is nigh to impossible. Trump can only fire the top of the heap, the tip of the this liberal iceberg.

Dostoevsky wrote, ‘When there is no God, everything is permitted.’ The ‘God’ of the liberal left is more and more government, more authority for government (themselves), in a ridiculous quest for some fantasy mirage of utopian ‘equality’.

However, history teaches, and as George Orwell so aptly noted, ‘Even when all are equal, some are always more ‘equal’ than others.’ So shall it ever be, particularly when Socialists are in charge.

Liberal-to-the-left government must – of necessity – discard both God and the Constitution, in order to proceed on its Progressive merry way.

February 15th, 2017 at 2:08 pm

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