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Democrats Need to Stop Trying to Destroy America


By Theresa Camoriano

A lot of people who voted Democrat really do love this country, so why do they support the Russian-style, leftist tactics and policies of their party that are designed to undermine and destroy America?

Since the Cold War era, the Russians have been trying to undermine the United States, to make it weak and ineffective.  For example, they funded groups that rioted in the streets against the Viet Nam war much as George Soros now funds rioters like Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, and the rioters on inauguration day.  The Russians funded groups that sought to undermine the family by promoting “free love” and abortion.  We thought we had won the Cold War, but it appears that the Russians are now succeeding in destroying us in the form of today’s Democratic party.

Like the Russians, today’s Democratic party seeks to undermine the foundations of American society, especially the family.  They are strong supporters of homosexual marriage, abortion and other political agendae that undermine the strength of the traditional family.  They use the welfare system to encourage the break-up of families, harming children who then grow up without a father in the home, harming men, who are deprived of the traditional responsibilities that give them value and pride, and harming women, who are deprived of the love, support and security of a husband.

Democrats oppose school choice, keeping poor children trapped in underperforming schools, which deprives them of a productive future and ensures that they will be dependent on the welfare state when they become adults.  Democrats punish the Little Sisters of the Poor and other Christians for the crime of living out their Judeo-Christian values.  They punish florists and bakers who refuse to participate in homosexual weddings.

Since President Trump was elected, Democrats have sought to undermine his presidential authority.  One of the memes that is often repeated is that Trump has no mandate, because fewer than half of eligible voters participated in the election, and only about one-fourth of eligible voters voted for him.  But that is true of every election, including the past two elections of President Obama.  The people who actually voted did give Trump a mandate, just as they give a mandate to any person they elect.  These statements that seek to undermine the authority of the President only serve to undermine and weaken our government.  Why would Democrats want to do that?

Why are today’s Democrats participating in so many activities that carry out the leftist goals of the Russians in the Cold War – activities designed to weaken, undermine, and destroy the United States?

It is impossible to read people’s minds, and each person has his or her own reasons, but I believe that most Americans who vote Democrat and support leftist, Democratic policies do not realize the damage they are doing.  They are acting out of emotion, having been brainwashed by leftist Democratic party elites and by the media, which has become an arm of the Democratic party.

Most of them have bought the emotional memes promoted by the Democratic party and the media that conservatives and Republicans are evil people who hate minorities, women, poor people, homosexuals, and the environment.  These are vicious lies.  They slander good people and they deflect attention away from the destruction and harm caused by Democratic policies.

Does America have flaws?  Of course it does.  Every human institution has flaws, because humans are flawed.  The Democratic party compares America to its ideal and spits on it and wants to tear it down because it does not meet the ideal.  But that is not a rational approach.

A rational person would not try to destroy the most successful society in human history just because it does not meet an ideal.  The fact is that no country and no civilization ever has or ever could meet the ideal.  America, founded on Judeo-Christian values, has provided the greatest opportunity for people of every race and every walk of life to pursue happiness and make the most of their God-given talents.  The result has been the most peaceful, prosperous society in human history.  Other societies and other cultures are not even a close second.

Will good people wake up from these leftist, Democratic party lies in time to save the country?  Will they see that undermining the family, Judeo-Christian values, the presidency, the Constitution and the other institutions that have made America great will destroy this last best hope of mankind?  Or will they continue to be controlled by emotions, serving as “useful idiots” who are easily manipulated by slogans into destroying our country?

We are in a war for the survival of our country and our culture.  We must not sit back and watch the political left continue to brainwash the masses and destroy the country.  We need to fight back.  We need to break through the emotional slogans to challenge the lies, defend the family, defend Judeo-Christian values, and defend our country and our civilization.  We need to wake up the “useful idiots” before it is too late.

(Theresa Camoriano is a mother, wife, and patent attorney in Louisville KY.)

January 30th, 2017 at 10:04 am

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