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from John Knapp

How is it possible to not believe in God?

How can the scientist, who understands –

better than the non-scientist – how all the

forces in the universe work together to

make life possible on Earth….how can that scientist not believe in God?

Life is not accidental. While nature seems to

tend toward maximum randomness, at the same time the laws of physical nature work in concert toward a specific, underlying orderliness. The physical elements on the Periodic Table of Elements build up, from one to the next, in an orderly, understandable fashion. ‘Families’ of elements have similar chemical properties, for predictable physical reasons.

The laws of physics work in harmony with the laws of chemistry. And the laws of biology exist within the specific laws of physics and chemistry.

If there was no elemental Carbon, there would be no fossil fuels, no conveniently stored energy sources, no food sources, no life.

What would life be like if there was no

elemental Copper? Or Calcium? Or Iron? Pick any element to exclude, or any of the laws of chemistry or physics to just randomly take out of the equation, and how would biology be altered? Would there be human existence at all? What if there was no such thing as gravity, let alone the celestial mechanics involved in running the cosmos?

No, life is no accident. Men who don’t believe in God aren’t rational men. They are men way too full of themselves.

John Knapp     January 24, 2017  

January 25th, 2017 at 3:14 pm

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