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Democrats Have Not Been This Upset Since Republicans Took Away Their Slaves!


By Theresa Camoriano


Since the November election, we have seen Democrats pitching fits like two-year-olds who had their lollipops taken away.  They cry, they deny, they want recounts, they blame it on people being too backwards and stupid to appreciate them, they blame it on people being racist or sexist, they blame it on “false news”, and, most recently, they blame it on the Russians interfering in the election.  Wow!  Maybe next they will blame it on aliens from outer space invading our brains!


What is happening here?


A reader comment to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal said that the Democrats have not been this upset since the Republicans took away their slaves.  At first, that might seem to be just a comical comment, but it actually was an accurate description of what happened in this election.


Democrats thought they were well on their way to achieving their Utopian vision, in which all the people would be enslaved by the government.  They were well on their way to ignoring the Constitutional limits on the power of government in order to use the government to control every aspect of our lives – from what medical treatments we could get, to what our children would be taught, to what temperature we could set our thermostats and how much water our toilets could flush.  They are in shock that the would-be slaves have revolted.


How dare we not appreciate what they were trying to do for us?


How could we be so ignorant and deplorable as not to realize that they only wanted what was best for us?


One can imagine what a shock it must have been that we did not worship them as the demi-gods they believed themselves to be and that we would not willingly allow ourselves to be so controlled and enslaved by them.


They used all the usual tricks that had been used in the past to keep the people “in their place” and under control, but the tricks did not work this time.  The would-be slaves revolted.


Of course, the fight is not over.  It never is over.  Now that our would-be enslavers have lost the election, they will change their tactics, but we must not allow ourselves to be fooled by them.  We must recognize that we are in a continuous war with them, and we must always continue to fight for our freedom.


We know what it takes to have a peaceful, prosperous society.

  1. Stable rule of law that respects people and their property
  2. Strong families
  3. Liberty and responsibility based on Judeo-Christian values
  4. Vigilant citizens.

We have made some progress – electing Rand Paul, Matt Bevin and Donald Trump, but that is only the beginning.


Our would-be enslavers will not stop.  We must not stop either.  We need to educate ourselves, be organized and vigilant, and raise our children and grandchildren with the right values and the desire to keep up the fight.

December 12th, 2016 at 3:30 am

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