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Nasty Woman for Cheater-in-Chief? Really?



by John Knapp

Donald Trump says the 2016 election is rigged, and that he may not be willing to accept the election results, depending. So, His Disgracefulness and Hillary Clinton, et. al., recoil in horror, asking why Trump is trying to destroy the country’s faith in the electoral process. If anything has crashed this country’s faith in the electoral process, it is the democrat party.

This is rich, this epitome of Ludicrous-ness, this behavior completely worthy of a Lifetime Achievement Award in the American theater of the Politically Absurd. Hillary Clinton is a lifelong cheater, same as ‘husband’ Bill. Forty-two years ago, as a young lawyer, Hillary Rodham was fired from the House Committee investigating the Watergate break-in because of her lying and unethical behavior. In other words, she was fired (by democrats) for trying to cheat a sitting president, Richard Nixon.

38 years ago, Hillary scored 100K on a 1K bet on cattle futures over a two month period. Tyson Foods was involved somehow, Mr. Tyson being a FOB (Friend of Bill). Does anyone believe Hillary Clinton knows one end of a cow from the other? In effect, Hillary’s cattle futures trading acumen amounted to flipping a coin and calling it right 25 times in a row. The odds against doing that are one in more than the national debt, currently estimated* in excess of 20 trillion. Indeed. It was chicanery….purely B.S. Uh, Hillary cheated! (* – no one in D.C. has a clue….)

Also, 38 years ago, Hillary was involved in selling real estate, the Whitewater scandal. She and Bill, and several others were engaged in a scheme to develop residential property, by being the mortgage-holders on the lots they sold. But, the fine print of the deals was written in such a way as to repossess the property from the buyers over the least little provocation. In effect, dozens of Whitewater buyers were ‘legally’ defrauded of their property. A lousy ‘business’, Hillary and Bill, systematically cheating people.

During the 80s, lawyer Hillary cheated a 12 year-old girl out of justice against the man who raped her. Hillary later laughed that she got the man off, despite admitting the accused was absolutely guilty of the rape. What kind of woman cheats a 12 year-old girl on a rape?

Bill’s sexual proclivities through the 80s and 90s kept Hillary very busy, threatening many other women who had had affairs, or been molested, – or been raped – by husband Bill. Hillary cheated a long trail of women who were first sexually wronged by Bill, and then even more wronged by Hillary’s ‘Bimbo Eruptions’ squad. (Poor, dumb, naive, starstruck Monica Lewinsky.)


When Bill and Hillary got to the White House, there was the case of the (months’-missing) 900+ FBI files, which mysteriously turned up one day in the White House living quarters….with Hillary’s finger prints on them. There was the case of the missing Rose Law Firm records, which belonged to her former employer in Arkansas.

There was Hillary’s firing of long-time employees in the White House Travel Office, for no reason other than to install Hillary’s friends in that office. There was the renting out of the Lincoln bedroom in the White House. Too many cheats to count, and that’s not counting when Bill and Hillary moved out in favor of incoming President George W. Bush. They also swiped some White House furniture on the way out, and, as you well know, stealing is cheating, too.

While a Senator from the State of New York, Hillary put a rider on a spending bill to provide 1 million dollars for a tax-payer funded Woodstock Museum, of all things. Later, it was learned the people who were going to build the museum just happened to have donated 50K back to Hillary for her legislative trouble. [This is a textbook example of how government now works for the governing elite, how a percentage of tax-payer money is ‘laundered’ right back to the political benefactors. Washingtonians have to spend YOUR money, in order to get their ‘commissions’ back.]

Hillary lost to His Disgracefulness in 2008, but was subsequently named as his Secretary of State. This is when Hillary’s cheating went  into overdrive. She sold influence ‘on the come’, like it was ice water in hell, taking money from foreign thugs, Wall Street connections, large banks, and whoever else she could shake down by selling out her country.

The Clinton Family Foundation/Global Initiative Consortium collected hundreds of millions of dollars on the pretense of doing ‘good works’. Turns out, they return a whopping 9% of their donations back to doing good works. Chelsea Clinton, meantime, is paid 9 million a year to ‘head’ the family foundation.

Hillary used the State Department to get lucrative speaking ‘gigs’ for Bill. Hillary set her brother up to rake in the cash from government relief funds earmarked for Haiti after a devastating earthquake there. Hillary secured 20% of the world’s uranium – including North American uranium – for Russia, and received a donation of over 2 million back from a Russian bigwig. Also, during Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State, 6 billion dollars of State Department funds have gone unaccounted for.

Hillary lied to the families, to the country, to the world, about what happened to four dead American heroes in Benghazi, and why. Hillary lied about sending classified documents on her unsecured private email server. Hillary lies about lying.

Hillary schemed with others how to get Donald Trump to the point of being her opponent in this Presidential race. Hillary conspired with the DNC to side-swipe Bernie Sanders. Hillary had a hand in organizing paid democrat thugs to infiltrate and cause trouble at Trump political rallies. Hillary conspired with the mainstream media to lie for her, and to lie about her opponent. Hillary Clinton casts such a corrupt shadow, she’s even corrupted the FBI, for God’s sake!

Hillary Clinton has accused Donald Trump of being the very criminal, treasonous reprobate she has been since she was 27 years old. Granted, Donald Trump is no saint, but in the fullness of historical perspective and reason, who is more likely to cheat in order to be the beneficiary of a rigged election? Who is more likely to rig an election? What are the chances Hillary’s election was all rigged up and ready to go more than a year ago? Would Hillary have taken all that money ‘on the come’, all these years, if she wasn’t already set up to win? That’s a 64 million-dollar question.

Hillary Clinton has been a cheater all her life. To lie, cheat, and steal has been her lifelong reason for being, a form of criminally anti-social behavior which surely borders on mental illness. Donald Trump is exactly right abut Hillary being ‘a nasty woman’ : this woman is nasty enough to steal a presidential election. But, if Trump should win, just watch the howl she will put up, accusing Donald Trump of……cheating! 

If America elects this nasty woman, this lifelong serial cheater, this mental case, to be its Cheater-in Chief, then my fellow Americans, we have truly lost our minds, and soon enough, what’s left of our diminished Republic.

John Knapp      October 25, 2016  





October 26th, 2016 at 4:44 pm

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