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Proudly Ignorant


By Theresa Camoriano

When I listen to Hillary Clinton and others on the left, I am amazed at how much pride they take in their intentional ignorance.

Hillary tells us that we must not refer to the Islamic extremists as being Islamic extremists, because that will help them recruit more people to their cause.  Really?  Hillary insists that it is a mistake to acknowledge the reality of Islamic extremism.  Those of us with common sense know that if we do not acknowledge the truth, we cannot possibly defend ourselves against people whose goal is to destroy us, but Hillary feels that she is morally superior to us when she intentionally denies the truth.  She believes she is among the angels who can see beyond what mere mortals see.

Recently, a university agreed to withdraw its advice to female students to avoid getting drunk at parties in order to reduce their risk of being raped, because it was accused by the left of “blaming the victim”.  The left has constructed a lovely, fairy tale world in which women should feel free to get drunk at parties without risk of being raped, and protecting their fairy tale vision is more important to them than protecting mere mortal women.

Many universities are teaching their students that “hate speech” is wrong and must be stopped.  Their definition of “hate speech” includes anything with which they disagree.  Anything that challenges their artificial, fairy tale world, which makes them feel so good.  They routinely disinvite speakers they do not like and offer their students “safe spaces” where they can be protected from any speech that challenges their artificial world view.  Most of us stopped believing in fairy tales by the age of 6, but leftists will stop at nothing in maintaining their fantasy world that makes them feel so good about themselves.

President Obama now is forcing schools and others to allow anatomical men and boys to use women’s and girls’ restrooms and locker rooms and to play on women’s and girls’ athletic teams, based on the lie that a person is whatever sex he or she claims to be, regardless of the person’s anatomy and biology.  The left feels superior to the “ignorant masses” who believe that biological sex defines a person.  They live instead in a lofty, fantasy world, where people can be anything they claim to be.  They have no problem with the fact that they are putting women and girls at risk of predatory behavior by men and boys and that promoting this lie will destroy girls’ and women’s sports.  What is important to them is protecting their feeling of superiority, not protecting the real people who will be harmed by their policies.

People on the left have created hysteria over a “man made global warming crisis”, based on computer models.  They know that their computer models do not reflect reality, and they know that their plans to severely reduce carbon emissions will impoverish many people and cause much suffering and death without improving the climate.  But human suffering is of little importance to them.  Truth does not matter.  What matters is to maintain their sense of moral superiority over the rubes who live in the real world and to gain control over those rubes by controlling all sources of energy.

People on the left promote the idea that everyone should receive the same level of income regardless of how hard they work or how much they contribute to society.  They want a person who sits on the couch and watches television all day to receive the same income as someone who creates products and services that benefit others, and they impose taxes and wealth distribution schemes in an attempt to achieve their goals.  This defies the reality of human nature and results in destruction of the human spirit and impoverishment of the society, but that does not matter to leftists.  Again, what is important to them is to feel morally superior to the mere mortals who want to live in accordance with the laws of human nature.

People on the left lie about America.  They lie about our health care system, claiming that we have a higher infant mortality rate than other developed countries.  They do not explain that their numbers are derived through deceptively counting infant mortality differently in other countries.  They lie and say that there is a widespread problem of police gunning down innocent blacks.  The entire “hands up don’t shoot” story in Ferguson, Missouri was a lie.  They make the false claim that conservatives are greedy, racist, Islamophobic, homophobic, etc., in order to try to discredit their policies without having to deal with reality.  All these lies are told in the service of trying to destroy the current system in order to build their fantasy heaven on earth.  Of course, they do not have a system that will actually be superior in the real world, but leftists never allow that thought to enter their fantasy-based minds.

These are just a few of the areas in which leftists take great pride in their intentional ignorance.  Their ability to rise above mere reality and to claim to be creating a heaven on earth makes them feel morally superior and feeds their egos.  Their ability to control others and their increased self esteem from rising above reality are much more important to them than the actual suffering and destruction that their fantasy-based policies cause.

Leftists have taken over the schools and universities, the media, and the mainstream churches, and they are succeeding in convincing masses of people to accept their fantasy view of the world.  A world in which these superior human beings courageously defy reality to create a man-made heaven on earth.

The problem is that reality still exists, and a man-made heaven on earth does not.

Unfortunately, the leftist policies that are based on a denial of reality do not actually change reality.  As the left gains power, its fantasy-based policies gradually crush the society.

We are nearly there.  The election of another leftist, fantasy-based president may well seal the deal.


(Theresa Camoriano is a patent attorney in Louisville, Kentucky.)

September 11th, 2016 at 11:24 am

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