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Nightmare in Orlando, Nightmare in D.C.


by John Knapp

As predictable as the October sky is blue, His Disgracefulness came off the golf course to denounce guns and gun violence in the wake of last night’s mass shootings at Pulse, a gay Orlando, Florida, nightspot. His Disgracefulness failed to note, as usual, that a Muslim terrorist was responsible for the killings. It was the guns’ fault….again, so move along, all you ‘racists’. We need to have a discussion about guns!

The perp was a man named Omar Saddiqui Mateen, who was previously investigated (twice) by the FBI for having terrorist connections (yet, passed over twice), a man with ties to radical Islam, the man who called 9/11 immediately before his rampage began, just to poke the Orlando police in the eye. On top of that, ISIS had been forecasting an incident in Florida, and is taking credit for the attack. Nevertheless, Omar Saddiqui Mateen and Muslim extremism are NOT to be suspect at the White House. ‘Twas the guns.

This long-standing, official policy of outright lying/denial has to stop. The American people have acted stupidly, electing such a man twice, but the American people are not so stupid as listen to this crap very much longer. The American fuse is getting short.  Perhaps what really happened in Orlando, when matched up against His Disgracefulness’ dissembling remarks, will finally be that ‘bridge gone too far’ by The Man From Deceit.

Gays, of all Americans, should be the most insulted, but will they be? Omar Saddiqui Mateen’s father said there is no Islam connection to the carnage, that his son was just disgusted when he saw two men kissing in Miami. Did I mention  that Gays, of all Americans, should be the most insulted by His Disgracefulness’ insulting remarks?

What’s the most likely, scariest thing a Christian would do to a gay person? Hand him a Bible and invite him to church? What’s the worst thing a Muslim extremist might do to a gay person? Come into a no-guns-allowed gay nightclub and shoot over a hundred people, killing 53 (or more), on the dance-hall floor?

Gays, your beloved president, His Disgracefulness, has been bringing in Muslim ‘refugees’ for awhile now, several hundred a day at last count. Those refugees have been poorly vetted, even if they were vet-able. Or else, not vetted at all. A few have been ‘hassled’ enough to fill out a check-sheet. So, what? What inbound terrorist worth his salt wouldn’t lie on a simple, worthless, ‘official’ check sheet?

Do Americans feel safer tonight, now that His Disgracefulness has again pinned the guilt on the guns? This is a classic case of re-direct if there ever was one. Do gay Americans feel safer tonight, knowing that their government is very likely importing Muslim terrorists who are religiously duty-bound to kill gays, just like happened in Orlando last night? Talk about politically supporting the hand…..that’s very possibly importing the hands ……..that mean to kill you….? Can we have a reality check here?

Tom Brokaw has also piped up to say it is time we had a serious discussion about guns. No, Tom, you’re an idiot sycophant of the Dissembler-in-Chief, the latest Emperor sans clothes. Tom, your integrity is nil. Where have you gone, Joe Dimaggio, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you…..

It is past time to have so many discussions : Why America twice elected a president who told them up front, if it came right down to it, he would stand with his Muslim roots against America ; or, why this government is so comfortable lying to the American people….about everything ; or why the Democrat party can get away with running a lifelong criminal or a Marxist/nut for president ; or, why both political parties are in bed with – and ever-expanding – an already corrupt, tyrannical government ; or, why a 9th Circuit Court judge can rule the Second Amendment only applies to having guns at home, not out in public places (like, say, a gay nightclub in Orlando, for instance). And lastly, what exactly do you have to do nowadays, in order to commit treason against the American people?

See, although what happened in Orlando is horrendous, it’s a ways down the list from so many other really, really serious discussions we need to have.

John Knapp      June 12, 2016

June 13th, 2016 at 10:31 am

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