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Runaway Mad Math


by John Knapp

A trillion is the digit ‘1’…followed by 12 zeroes, like a dozen eggs. 1,000,000,000,000! The word ‘trillion’ causes one’s brain to glaze over. It’s as meaningless as the word ‘gazillion’. A ‘trillion’ is an incomprehensible amount to most people. To make it simpler to understand, it takes a million million to equal a trillion : that’s one million X one million = one trillion. In scientific notation, a trillion is 10 to the 11th power.

A trillion is a number fit for astronomers to use in estimating celestial distances. A trillion-mile journey on Earth would require 40 million circumnavigations of the globe. A trillion-mile journey in space would equal 40 round trips from the sun to the planet Pluto and back to the sun again. The current National Debt, if it is to be believed, at one dollar per mile, would require 800 round trips from the sun to little Pluto and back.

The national debt is 20 trillion, or so the government says. But how does one keep track of a debt of 20 million million? Is that even possible, or is that just as preposterous as trying to pinpoint the exact location of an electron gyrating in its orbit? In view of the ubiquitous lies coming from government agencies, dare we believe government’s official accounting of a 20 trillion-dollar national debt? Probably not.

What are the chances the national debt is likely much higher than 20 trillion? What are the chances no one in government has any idea what the debt actually is? What are the chances government officials would lie to the American people (and the world) about it, even – and especially – if they knew the true amount of government debt?

A runaway 20 trillion-dollar debt is the mathematics of madmen, for accountants gone mad, for insane leaders of a mad government, to be weighed down upon the citizens of a country spending its way to the poorhouse.


John Knapp  April 20, 2016


(Editor’s note:  In order to make these numbers make some sense, I like to divide them by the population of the United States in order to get an amount per person.  If you divide one trillion by 300 million (the US population), you get roughly 300,000 per person.  So, if the national debt is 20 trillion dollars, that is six million dollars per person.)

April 20th, 2016 at 2:44 pm

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