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What America Needs Now


By Theresa Camoriano

We have had seven years of President Obama, who ignores the Constitution and the law and just does whatever he pleases.  He got elected on the idea that he personally would solve all our problems, so we should just trust him“Hope and Change”.  People projected all their hopes and dreams onto him and believed he would take care of them.  The result?  He has run this country and the world into the ground.  Thanks to his policies, we have not had the economic recovery that should naturally have occurred after the recession.  He has divided this country on race, gender, income, sexual orientation – you name it.  People are worried about their safety and about their ability to take care of themselves and their families.  It is a disaster.

The real problem is that, in electing Obama, the American people failed to perform their duties as citizens.  Instead of electing a President who would restore a Constitutional government in which the American people would be empowered to make the most of their God-given talents, they elected someone who promised to take care of them, with no effort required on their part.  Unfortunately, that never works out well.

So along comes Donald Trump, who, like Obama, says he personally can solve all our problems.  He says we should just trust him“Make America Great Again”.  Trump’s strong man, bullying approach is essentially just a different version of Obama, playing on people’s emotions and promising to take care of them, with no effort required on their part.  Are the American people going to fall for that trick again?  I certainly hope not.

We do not need another bullying, tin pot dictator like Obama, which is what Trump would be.  Putting the letter “R” next to his name will not magically make things right.

What we do need is a President who will be just as focused on restoring the American system of government as Obama has been focused on destroying it.  We need the anti-Obama.  We need someone who would be strong in restoring our freedom.  Someone who would be strong in restoring the rule of law and the system of checks and balances in order to empower the people and enable people to make the most of their lives.  The person in the current field of candidates who comes closest to fitting that bill is Ted Cruz.

America’s greatness has not come from having a strong man running the country like a tin pot dictator, picking winners and losers.  It has come from having a limited, Constitutional government with a stable rule of law that respects the rights of every individual and empowers every individual to make the most of his or her talents.  Our system of separation of powers was expressly designed to prevent a bullying, tin pot dictator like Obama (or Trump).  But in order for the system to function properly, it requires the American people to elect people who are committed to that system.  If Americans think they should be electing a demi-god or a savior, it is all over.

Trump is not committed to the American system of government any more than Obama is.  Trump just believes that substituting one big bully (Trump) for another (Obama) will “make America great again”.  Unfortunately, it will not.

February 16th, 2016 at 6:35 am

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