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On Chains and Slavery




by John Knapp

America’s government has descended into ruling by dishonesty and corruption, which is tyranny. Big Brother descends upon America like a cold November fog.

King George was a tyrant, royally immersed in dishonesty and corruption. King George made up his own laws as he went. His tyranny was America’s original reason for being. How soon, so many resign from their history.

King George wasn’t troubled to bypass the U.S. Constitution because it wasn’t written yet. But, now, this government has very nearly achieved the same endpoint as King George did, this time by ignoring the U.S. Constitution, which was specifically written to prevent such political, moral, and governmental malpractice.

Many Founders noted that the Constitution was only as strong as the morality of the men who would, over time, be charged with upholding it. Nevertheless, government dishonesty has evolved into ubiquitous government corruption, which equals…..tyranny, folks! Pure and simple.

Extra-Constitutional government, using your money to sell you more and more Extra-Constitutional government…… tyranny by any description.

Unchecked, cascading public political deceits will reach an intolerably high tide, which always manifests in the abuse and harassment – and outright confiscations – of its Citizens’ God-given Natural Rights. It’s been this way since before Moses’ time.

When the Revolutionary War was fought, fully one-third of the colonists were with the King. A large majority of those (the Tories) were agents on King George’s payroll, or those with some other selfish interest in the continuation of the preexisting monarchical tyranny.

Unbelievably, the middle one-third of revolutionary-era citizens, ‘the moderates’, were apathetic about breaking away from tyranny to form a new country based on liberty, freedom, and restrained, republican government. Decisions, decisions? (Political moderates aren’t virtuous, and never have been. Being a political moderate is the perennial refuge of the truly gutless.)

This left only one-third of the citizens committed to fighting King George. Back then, England was the military superpower of the day. Certainly, obviously, God was on the side of the out-gunned one-third of those Americans who were willing to fight their tormentor to secure their precious liberty.

It’s interesting to contemplate and compare(?) the above political fractions, those that existed during the Revolutionary War (1776), and the political fractions existing in our current political Civil Upheaval. Is the 2016 breakdown of political sentiment still roughly in thirds, as it was in 1776, or has 50 years of seeping, corrupt, nanny-state government managed to achieve political critical mass? By the numbers, will November continue the fog, or usher in a long-overdue Conservative Renaissance?

Is there still that apathetic middle third of today’s Americans who’d rather not be bothered with politics? Or, has a sizable portion of those gutless moderates acquiesced to government dependence, thereby swelling the ranks of the 2016-model Tories?


In November, 2016, the fate of our American Republic comes down to whether the liberal-democrat side of human nature now exceeds the conservative-republican side. America, we’ve strayed a very long way from home.

Patrick Henry once asked, ‘Is life so sweet, or peace so dear, as to be purchased at the price of chains or slavery?’

Today he would surely ask, ‘Is government dependence so sweet, so dear, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?

John Knapp    January 30, 2016    

February 1st, 2016 at 4:27 am

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