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by John Knapp


In the wake of the New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary:

Just desserts for Chris Christie. Good riddance. That’s his payback for hugging on Obama after Hurricane Sandy, thereby helping to re-elect His Disgracefulness. What a picture that was, of Obama and Christie, our ruling ‘elite’ – practically holding hands – regardless of party affiliation! And still, in American politics, Republicans beware : hug flaming Marxists at your own risk.

I thought Ben Carson was acting unreasonable and petulant about the CNN/Iowa/Cruz thing. Much ado about nothing. He’s seemed half-hearted about his campaign for over a month now. His campaign staff is falling apart. He’s a good man, just a square peg trying to fit in an Oval Office hole. There is, however, talk he’s interested in being someone’s running mate.

Kasich is a RINO-convert, which is why he came in second in the state which no longer lives by its state motto, ‘Live Free or Die.’ Finishing in second place gave Kasich a temporary blast of oxygen, but he’s done. Kasich received the majority of the diminishing liberal RINO vote, but he’s not going anywhere, come Super Tuesday. The South will gladly send Kasich back home in short order.

Fiorina is done. She made some good points, and gave it back to Trump when he deserved it, and good for her for having done that. Nevertheless, the Ship of State has sailed on without her.

Bush is done, too, just not willing to concede he was – in hindsight – amBUSHed by his family elders. The sins of the father and older brother have been visited upon the younger brother. Nice guys all, of course, just not enough demonstrably Conservative governance between them. And too many powers-that-be type connections. Jeb! raised 100 million dollars from the ol’ crony class, and was going to get elected without the Republican Party base? Really? In this time of political discontent……Jeb never saw the current revolt coming? They do live in ivory towers, don’t they…..

Rubio will be the last gasp of the current Washington Republican political establishment, but it was his own fault. He rode into town on a Tea Party horse, but when he went all in with the Gang of 8 on immigration, and exercised a fair amount of duplicity in doing it, he chopped his political career off at the knees. Lie down with Chuckie Schumer and you takes your chances. ( Refer to similar Christie-Obama hugging incident above.)

Trump won in New Hampshire precisely because he is a Northeastern liberal with New York values. New Hampshire has become the prime bedroom community to New York, so Trump was destined to win there. Trump is a quick-study Populist. Left or right, who’s not in favor of Making America Great Again? That sentiment looks just terrific on the bill of a baseball cap.

Nevertheless, up until very recently, Trump has always played both political sides against the middle, with himself clearly in the middle catching the political favors. Trump, until lately, was at ease expressing his New York ‘liberal values’ (an oxymoron, if there ever was one). So, when did Trump have his epiphany? Trump’s populism makes him the ‘revenge’ candidate, because he’s the one who’s out there giving the uppity-ups the old ‘what-for.’ Again, left side or right, who’s not for that?

If Trump is a convert to Conservatism, has he announced such? He never espouses practical Conservatism, Reagan’s Conservatism, while on the stump. Does he understand the tenets of Conservatism, the Founder’s Conservatism, the purpose and true value of Conservatism, or is he merely an agnostic when it comes to Conservative philosophy?

Lots of questions to consider here, before we take a fateful leap off Trump Tower.

Ted Cruz came in third in New Hampshire because, well, New Hampshire is arguably the most liberal Northeastern state…. politically hostile territory to any dedicated Conservative. That Conservative Cruz came in third in the belly of the liberal beast means there is great hope that Cruz will ultimately prevail country-wide. Cruz has been a serious Conservative since the age of 12. What’s more trustworthy than a lifelong, dedicated Conservative as President when your beloved country has so lost its way?

Dedicated Conservatism is what America thirsts for, the best chance to really make America great again.

Sorry, Donald.

John Knapp     February 10, 2016

February 11th, 2016 at 3:00 pm

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