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Decisions, Decisions


by John Knapp

Donald Trump says many things that are quite appealing, taken at face value. How well he knows his blatant populism! And how well it sells! I’ve referred to Trump as the ‘revenge’ candidate, the candidate who’s going to really ‘take it’ to the Washington elites, regardless of party affiliation. Trump might, and then again he might not. In men and nature, a crusty surface often hides a squishy middle.

Ted Cruz has no squishy middle. Cruz is determined to drain the Washington swamp. And that’s precisely why Washington swamp-dwellers hate him so: ‘Toward the fear, goes the smear.’ To those old enough to remember, Ronald Reagan got the same treatment when he came along.

Trump has supported liberal democrats and their positions over the years, both financially and rhetorically, much more so than supporting men and ideas of the Conservative stripe. Not long ago, when Bill de Blasio, that certifiable Marxist lunatic, was running for Mayor of New York City, Trump was effusive in his praise for the man. Was that just politics, or serious evidence of a Trump squishy middle?

Only a month or so ago, Trump claimed a kinship and willingness to ‘work’ with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Chuckie Schumer. Cruz doesn’t want to ‘work’ with those people. Or with Mitch McConnell, either, in the way McConnell has been ‘working’ with Obama and the democrats. Cruz wants to stop them all from doing any more ‘work’ (i.e., damage). The mess this country’s governance has become is a ‘piece of work’. Americans are not voting for senior high class president here.


Seriously, Trump’s history, in both his personal and business life, makes me think he is more an amoral man than a moral one. You cannot be amoral in your life and your politics and still be a conservative at heart. Likewise, it follows….you cannot be an amoral man and seriously go about upholding the U.S. Constitution.

However, you can be an amoral man and deceive people to get what you want. Bill Clinton was an amoral man. Barack Obama is an amoral man. Hillary Clinton is an amoral woman. Amoral people – in power – have it in themselves to become monstrous and despotic. Twenty-four years ago, I wrote this about Bill Clinton’s first candidacy: ‘It is an immoral act to vote for an amoral candidate.’ (Relatively speaking, I guess.)

Though the Tea Party seems to have shrunk somewhat from the public eye, that’s not because they’ve given up. Tea Party sentiment is still in the hearts and minds of those who want their country back the way it was founded.

Tea Party sentiment is what’s kept the wind behind Donald Trump’s sails, so much so that many have yet to thoroughly think him through. So, all the faster and louder – and more obnoxious – Trump talks. That’s his ploy, and he’s sticking to it.

On the surface, Trump’s remarks lend themselves perfectly to Tea Party sentiments, the long-stifled get-even-ism we all have felt. But we have to look deeper, and be more circumspect when picking the next president, the one to succeed the abomination who laid siege to America in 2009.

Nevertheless, if it gets right down to it – Trump vs. Hillary or Bernie (or Biden?) – I will vote for Trump, but not without great reservation.

Meanwhile, isn’t the primary the time to vote for that candidate who most closely mirrors your own deep-seated political feelings, regardless who seems to have the best chance of winning? After all, Conservatives don’t want to win the battle, only to lose the war.

Here’s to America’s last chance to think things through.

John Knapp         February 18, 2016


(Editor’s note:  Polls show that Cruz and Rubio match up much better against a Democratic candidate than Trump, so choosing based on who is most likely to win in the general election would not favor Trump.)

February 19th, 2016 at 1:15 pm

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