Your Liberty is Our Interest

The Ultimate Monopoly, Socialist Government.


by John Knapp

I’m sure you realize the DMV is a microcosm of the entire federal government, which is constantly migrating towards Socialism, just as sure as a compass needle points to magnetic North. What you experience at the DMV is what happens when any entity holds a monopoly on anything : government becomes the ultimate monopoly over its Citizens. And, Jimmie crack corn, they don’t care.

If Walmart was somehow able to pass a LAW that Citizen-shoppers could ONLY shop at Walmart and NOWHERE ELSE, Walmart’s prices would soon skyrocket. Walmart’s employees would be smug, surly, condescending, and arrogant. Walmart would soon have no need for a customer complaint desk. Complaints would be ignored, or outlawed, or officially declared ‘non-existent.’ Walmart’s unspoken corporate motto would be ‘Yeah, so, whaddya gonna do about it?’

Walmart would no longer need to be concerned with allocating scarce resources to the best possible uses, or with corporate thrift, or with hiring the best people for the job, or even with balancing the corporate books. The higher-ups at Walmart would reward themselves with ever-more-handsome salaries and perks.

Such a Walmart would unionize their employees, and pay them each a sum equal to two (or more) normal salaries, to assure continued loyalties to the ‘company’…..come what may. And, as if that wasn’t enough, Walmart employees would be given something called ‘tenure’, so firing a lousy employee would become nearly impossible. Actually, due to political correctness, there would no longer be any such thing as ‘lousy’ Walmart employee.

Work at Walmart would necessarily slow to a crawl, so productivity levels would fall precipitously. Walmart whistle-blowers would be anathema to all the others who worked there, and particularly to those in management. 


If indignant shoppers were to protest, by not spending so much money at Walmart, Walmart would then pass an additional law that mandated certain spending levels at Walmart by every Citizen-shopper. Of course, ‘rich’ shoppers would be required to spend more, accordingly. In short order, Walmart would not only have eliminated the competition, but also, and more importantly, would have (corruptly) provided for itself, in perpetuity.

Walmart’s salaries, benefits, and employee pension plans would rise all out of reason, because their employees were so ‘special’, because they worked at ‘Walmart’, because Walmart was the only store allowed in town. Walmart management would lightly ‘negotiate’ with the Walmart labor union, and Walmart’s Citizen-shoppers would be duly required to fund the spoils. Walmart’s customers wouldn’t be ‘customers’ anymore: they would then be hapless prisoners of the Walmart ‘system.’

In time, decent employees would migrate away from Walmart, because they couldn’t stand it anymore…..and eventually, the worst employees and managers would be all that were left.

And this, my friends, perfectly explains the word ‘kakistocracy’, which is government by the worst or least principled individuals in society. Runaway government, like the hypothetical Walmart  above, is always trending toward kakistocracy.

Hitler ran a full-blown kakistocracy. That’s how he did what he did. ISIS is a full-blown kakistocracy. That’s how they do what they do. Believe it or not, the U.S. government is not-so-slowly (anymore) migrating that way, too, towards governmental magnetic North.

Fortunately, like outlaws running a town in the Old West, kakistocracy will endure, but only as long as the people they tyrannize acquiesce in it.

John Knapp      January 5,  2016

January 5th, 2016 at 3:56 pm

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