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Betting the Ranch on Another Mirage


by John Knapp

For those who like Donald Trump more than Ted Cruz, can you tell me why Cruz scares you more than Trump does? I’m curious.

For most republican candidates, it’s been a standard political strategy to campaign as a Conservative Constitutionalist, regardless which way that candidate may come to lean after he gets elected. Some Republicans faithfully stay Conservative. Some lie on purpose to get elected, only to govern more in line with their liberal democrat counterparts. So much of politics is the art of deceit. And the deal.

Conservatism is a hard sell, precisely because liberalism is such an easy sell. It’s easy for voters to prefer the candidate who promises free stuff from government……with someone else picking up the tab. It’s easy to be against Conservatism, which rightly proclaims ‘If you want stuff, then get off your butts and earn it.’ Freedom from government vs. free stuff from government? And the winner is……

Why is it Donald Trump never discusses Conservatism or the Constitution? If he never mentions that he intends to uphold the Conservatism inherent in the Constitution, then he can’t be held accountable for making promises he didn’t keep, can he? Obama swept in on Hope ‘n’ Change’, which has become ‘No Hope and Change, alright, Change for the Absolute Worst.’ Obama was a mirage for fools.

Trump wants to ‘Make America Great  Again’, which sounds just fine, only….how does one go about making America great again without adopting unrelenting, Reaganesque, laser-like focus on Conservatism and Constitution, the very two things which brought this country to bear? If Trump was a Conservative and a Constitutionalist, wouldn’t those two principles easily be his main talking points in every speech?

Without fail, Ted Cruz always speaks for less government, for Constitutional government. Cruz has been solidly Conservative – and a devout Constitutionalist – his entire public life. Donald Trump never discusses the value of less government – or the Constitution – only that HE can run government better than the elite in Washington. Well, duh! Isn’t that the standard claim most Presidential candidates have always made?

Not very many years ago, Donald Trump was publicly espousing all the typical New York Northeastern liberal ‘values’ he held. Pro-choice. Gay marriage. Taxing the rich. Single-payer government healthcare. Gun control. When did Trump come to a huge Conservative revelation in his thinking? Has he said? Does he now eschew Crony Capitalism, and imminent domain abuse of property owners’ rights? Does he still count Bill and Hillary Clinton among his dear friends? Lots to think about here.

Trump claims he can ‘make deals’ with the other side, where Cruz cannot. After all, brags Trump, he’s a ‘deal-maker.’ Trump’s book is titled ‘The Art of the Deal’. Nevertheless, squishy Republicans making ‘deals’ with the other side is what got us to the sorry state in which we now find America. In anything in life, you don’t make deals with what’s wrong… stand resolute against it.

The establishment is more scared of Cruz than Trump, and is actually beginning to line up behind Trump, against Cruz. That’s a very telling development. Is voting for Donald Trump, who’s plainly the best ‘revenge’ candidate in the entire field, really the best reason to vote for him?

We stand on the precipice of real history here, as 2016 will be the pivotal point for America’s continued existence. Either we turn away from the iceberg right NOW, or finish steaming headlong into it, bringing unknown, unknowable, and un-fixable things to pass.

Once upon a time, a corrupt USSR broke apart. Is it so inconceivable that same fate couldn’t happen to America, too, if the electorate fails to think things through….again?

Trump sounds good. He’s very entertaining while making the major points everyone is thinking. Nevertheless, how would he steer the ship of state, given his past political leanings? Do we risk it, that Trump could be the wrong President for America’s last chance? Do we bet what’s left of the besieged ranch on Donald Trump?

Do we see in Donald Trump all there is to see? Or is Donald Trump a mirage of what we want to see, just like Barack Obama was?

John Knapp     January 26, 2016

January 26th, 2016 at 1:16 pm

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