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A 64 Billion-Dollar Question


by John Knapp

Donald Trump’s appeal is that he’s a giant middle finger to the heretofore governing elite. Their arrogance, duplicity, and stupidity will be the stuff of future political legend. Through the years, their combined governing ‘expertise’, such that it is, ‘lost’ tens of millions of Americans along the way. They lost me, too, long ago, and I really hate that I feel that way. Yet, hope springs eternal.

Ted Cruz is the only Constitutional scholar in the whole lot of the Presidential candidates. Ted Cruz is the most decent man among them, the one who best conducts himself with the most Presidential class and Constitutional aplomb. He’s the most knowledgeable about the Founders finely-reasoned intents. Far and away, that makes Ted Cruz the best choice going in.

In comparison, Donald Trump is a ruffian and a brawler, but what Trump says is how everyone feels, including me. In spite of Trump’s rhetoric, he’s an unknown quantity, should it come to him governing the whole country. At times, Donald Trump has had difficulties governing himself. That both sides fear Cruz more than Trump should tell you more about Ted Cruz than Donald Trump.

American Business and America’s Government shouldn’t be in bed with each other, or be at odds with each other. In the long run, neither of those arrangements is good for the health of a representative republican government, one designed to be underpinned best by a capitalist economy. (By the way, crony capitalism is actually crony-criminal-ism.)

It’s not that I’m anti-Trump, it’s that I’m pro-Cruz, as long as Cruz has a chance. I trust Cruz more than Trump. If Cruz gets kicked to the curb, Cruz supporters will likely become Trump supporters in a New York minute.

I don’t trust any of the rest of them, including Marco Rubio. It’s my opinion Marco Rubio ran for the U.S. Senate in order to use that office as a springboard for a run at the Presidency. Still, Marco Rubio seems to be a nice enough fellow.

Nevertheless, it’s good to be wary of people who are that ambitious. The current occupant of the White House was just that ambitious. How’d that work out, America?

I was in the crowd on two different occasions when Rubio was running for Senate, and both times I had the feeling he was setting himself up to run for President. In reality, what is any politician, but raw ambition, above all else?

I believe both Trump and Cruz are running for President, not because they are politicians, or because each has a burning desire to be ‘King’, but because they each understand their country and its citizenry have been so mishandled by the ruling class.

They both are running not so much for ambition’s sake, but more out of an old-school sense of patriotic duty. That makes each, in his own way, a statesman. Are the others in this race, from either party, mostly there to feed their runaway ambitions? I’d say so.

To me, the perfect ticket would be Cruz at the top and Trump as VP. Cruz can be presidential and above the fray, while Trump, the ever-dependable attack dog (with his New York values), is unleashed to do what he does best, just as Spiro Agnew did (for awhile) for Richard Nixon. (It should be noted that Nixon and Agnew were both ruling elite RINOs in good standing, back in their day.)

Cruz would sweep the Mid-west and the South, while Trump would fracture the liberal-democrat death-grip on the Northeast. Both men would take most of the Western states, as well as the most of the Southwest and Northwest. In that scenario, the Pacific rim states might be the only democrat hold-outs in 2016. (Most west coast voters couldn’t see an LED light if it was shining directly into their eyes.)

And….then, President Cruz could go about getting the federal government back behind its Constitutional barriers…..while Vice-President Trump went about seeing how many of the previous administration’s scandals and scoundrels he could round up and bring to justice. Including His Disgracefulness. Finally. (As I previously noted, hope springs eternal.)


Only, what are the chances The Donald would play second banana to Ted Cruz?

With inflation – and runaway government spending being what it’s been for so long – that’s a 64 billion-dollar question, indeed.

John Knapp     January 18, 2016


January 18th, 2016 at 3:28 pm

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