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Obama’s Chickens Have Come Home to Roost


by John Knapp

It’s not that Obama won’t do anything for America…….it’s that he always fully intended to do bad things to America.

After all that he’s done, we still have too many who aren’t willing to wake up and smell his brand of poison. So much has happened, so many unbelievable shanks right to the heart of America. Maybe it’s just too hard for so very many to grasp and fully face. Maybe those comatose Americans are suffering the political equivalent of medical, emotional, and physical shock? Worse yet, maybe not.

It’s not that Obama is incompetent, or inexperienced, or ignorant, or misunderstood, or clueless, or gutless, or that he means well but just can’t seem to catch a break. He deserves not one more scintilla of benefit of the doubt. Nor should he be shielded by any more excuses of how ‘difficult a job’ the presidency must be. He no longer deserves any ‘pass’ of any kind…..and certainly not because he’s black and demonstrates the left’s deference to their sacred god of ‘diversity’….for diversity’s sake.

Nor is Obama’s political demeanor explainable and/or excusable because he’s by far the most leftist president in American history. We’ve suffered through lefty presidents before.

Barack Obama is a Muslim Trojan Horse, obviously, covertly in collaboration with the Muslim Brotherhood. He is soft on terrorism at home, soft on terrorism abroad, and soft on ISIS, which he enabled and armed. Read that again.

Before Barack Obama won the presidency, he lit it slip that ‘if it came down to a confrontation between America and Islam, he would side with his Muslim roots.’ Aye, and there’s the rub, belatedly. To remodel a phrase from Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s chickens have come home to roost, America.

Barack Obama is the ultimate Judas, intent on securing America’s undoing. He is the greatest scam ever pulled in all of world history, pulled in broad daylight on the greatest country there ever was…..and so many still sit here, dumbfounded, blinking, while he rips this country apart and every institution it holds dear….right before Americans’ teared eyes.

Even though Americans are renowned for their generosity of heart when it comes to immigrants, we are not duty-bound to sit here, risking suicide-through-generosity, while poorly vetted, un-vetted, or mostly unvettable Syrian ‘refugees’ – very likely including embedded Jihadi terrorists whose creed is ‘Death to America’ – are brought in and dispersed far and wide throughout the American countryside. Barack Obama could very well become the Johnny Appleseed of Jihad on America.

Similarly, we Americans are not duty-bound to sit and take it while any occupant of the White House tries to rewrite American history by ripping the country – and all for which it stands – to ribbons. Where are the statesmen urging the impeachment of this duplicitous tyrant and traitor? America is better than this, or it was supposed to be.

If you’ll remember, the mainstream media wasn’t interested in vetting Barack Obama, therefore he came into office pretty much un-vetted. And, Obama had his records sealed, too, so he would be un-vettable. How’d that work out, America?

And now, our un-vetted Commander-in-chief  wants to bring in un-vetted immigrants from a mid-East region that is at war with all the Western world? Is His Disgracefulness insane, or are we?

The greatest generation died for what, so their children could meekly sit on their apathetic duffs and watch it all blow away in the wind?

John Knapp    December 28, 2015 



December 28th, 2015 at 4:53 pm

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