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Americanism Promotes Peace and Goodwill All Year


By Theresa Camoriano


This Christmas, Americans are more sharply divided than at any time since the Civil War.  Why?  Because we have strayed from Americanism.


Americanism is the set of principles on which this country was founded.  Under Americanism, every person is treated equally under the law.  Every person’s life and property are respected, and people are free to live their lives as they choose, with a minimum of government interference.  Americanism takes a “live and let live” approach.  Under Americanism, people need not agree with each other in order to get along, since nobody is forcibly imposing his view on others.  Americanism promotes peace and goodwill all year long.


Unfortunately, our country has strayed very far left, away from Americanism.  Instead of respecting private property and treating everyone equally under the law, our leftist government treats people differently depending upon their race, gender, sexual orientation, and income.  Our leftist government picks winners and losers.  Instead of Americanism’s “live and let live” approach, leftism says, “do it my way or I will use the force of government to make you feel the pain.”


For example, it would have been very easy for Governor Beshear to allow Kim Davis to issue marriage certificates without having to put her name on them, in order to accommodate her religious beliefs, but he chose not to do that, because leftists want to force everyone to endorse homosexual marriage or else feel the pain.  Governor Bevin now has made an executive order, removing the county clerks’ names from marriage certificates, which accommodates both Christians like Kim Davis, and the Supreme Court decision redefining marriage.  Which approach promotes peace and goodwill among people with differing views?  As always, it is the Americanism approach.


You would think that leftists, who claim to want tolerance, would be supportive of Governor Bevin’s approach, which accommodates both traditional Christians and homosexuals who want to marry, but you would be wrong.  The comments below the newspaper article about Governor Bevin’s decision indicate that leftists are furious with Governor Bevin for accommodating all parties.  They want Kim Davis to be punished for refusing to adopt their views on  homosexual marriage.


As a rule, leftists have zero tolerance for anyone who disagrees with them.  If you disagree with President Obama, they will call you a bigot.  If you disagree with Hillary Clinton, they will say that you hate women.  If you disagree with redefining marriage, they will call you a homophobe.  If you do not want to dismantle the U.S. economy to reduce carbon emissions, they will say you are anti-science.  There is no acknowledgement that you could be a good person, with good intentions, who just happens to disagree with their views.  If you disagree with them, you are an evil person who needs to be destroyed.


Since leftism pits people against each other, and since leftism has achieved a greater influence than ever before, Americans now are more divided than at any time since the Civil War.


If we really want peace and goodwill in our country, we need to return to a philosophy that treats every person with respect.  Merry Christmas to all!




(Theresa Camoriano is a patent attorney in Louisville KY.)

December 23rd, 2015 at 12:37 pm

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