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Congratulations and Thanks to Matt and Glenna Bevin


By Theresa Camoriano

Kentuckians are very fortunate that Matt Bevin has offered his services to the state as its next governor and that the voters have taken him up on his generous offer.

We have reached a critical time in our history, when we cannot continue on the current path, which is leading us to fiscal and social disaster.  It is at these critical times that special people step up to the challenge.  Matt Bevin is one of those special people.

Matt understands the policies that are needed to rescue our state from disaster, and he has the courage and the communication and leadership skills to make them happen.  When Matt shines a light on the workings in Frankfort, the cockroaches will scramble for cover, which will make it possible for good legislation to pass.

There will be no shortage of problems for our new governor to tackle.

There is the pension crisis, which is occurring because our elected officials have made promises they could not afford to keep.  Bevin will make the situation clear and will work with the legislature to transition the state to a fiscally responsible plan that will protect our pensioners and our taxpayers.

There is the education crisis, in which far too many of our young people are not getting a good education that will prepare them for a successful life.  Bevin will work with the legislature to offer school choice options to parents so they will be able to choose the option that is best for their children.  This will promote competition among schools to attract students, which will improve the quality of education for everyone.

There is the union crisis, in which workers are forced to support a union.  This discourages businesses from coming to Kentucky or expanding in Kentucky.  Bevin will work with the legislature to pass right to work legislation so our workers will have greater opportunity.

There is the crisis of overreach from the federal government that is crippling our businesses, especially the coal industry, which is so important to this state.  Bevin has pledged to push back against this overreach.  He has said he will tell the EPA to “pound sand”.

There is the crisis of government overreach that is stifling religious liberty.  Bevin will treat all people with respect and will respect their religious liberty.

In short, the election of Matt Bevin and Jenean Hampton has the potential to set Kentucky on a good, productive, prosperous course for many years to come.

In addition, Glenna Bevin can take the main credit for raising nine lovely children with good values, which also helps set our state on a good course.  Glenna Bevin will show all Kentuckians that you do not need to be elected to office in order to make a real positive difference.  She will inspire every citizen to make a positive difference in the way she lives her life, raises her children, supports her husband, and helps her neighbors.

The fact that Kentuckians have elected Matt Bevin and Jenean Hampton by a wide margin makes me very optimistic about the future of Kentucky.


(Theresa Camoriano is a patent attorney in Louisville KY.)

November 7th, 2015 at 4:55 pm

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