Your Liberty is Our Interest

The Opposite of Compassion

By Theresa Camoriano


Do you judge policies by their stated intentions or by their actual results?


When deciding in which direction you want to go, do you look at history to see the track record of the policy and whether its actual results have been positive, or do you look at the people promoting the policy to see whether you find them appealing and “cool” and part of the “in” crowd?


Do you put your put your faith in gurus and computer models and sound bites, or do you pay attention to actual outcomes?


The “compassionate” welfare state has thrown fathers out of the home in exchange for a welfare check.  The “compassionate” government education system has produced increasing rates of illiteracy, leaving many children unprepared to compete and build a successful future.  “Compassionate” abortion policies have resulted in killing a disproportionate number of black babies.  Would you have supported those “compassionate” policies if they had been promoted by the KKK?


Do you seek out examples of people and places that have achieved great success, ask how they did it, and try to replicate it?


Do you look at people and places that have caused tremendous human suffering, ask what was the cause, and try to avoid replicating it?


Do you seek to become a more virtuous person yourself and to help other people voluntarily, on a personal basis, or do you just depend on the government or someone else to help them?


You know what it has taken to succeed in your own life – hard work, self-discipline, and virtue.  Do you promote policies that reward and promote just the opposite?


Why would you promote policies that make people weaker and more dependent?


Are you motivated by a desire to stroke your ego and be part of the “in” crowd and one of the “beautiful people”, no matter how much it harms others, or are you willing to stand up against the “in” crowd and the “beautiful people” to actually do what is right?


Are you really being “cool” and “beautiful”, or are you just being manipulated and used by people seeking power?


God gave you a brain.  Please use it.



November 13th, 2011 at 7:56 am

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