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Response from Bernie Kunkel re Rand Paul and David Williams

Contrary to several reports, Rand Paul has not endorsed David Williams nor has he aligned himself with him.  David Williams has come to Rand to help in the campaign and we will take all the help we can get.  Phil Moffett is a great candidate and our Rand Paul campaign will also take any and all help that Phil wants to give us. When I ran for State Representative almost 5 years ago I had some people help me who I would never ever support for anything.  I was glad to have their help but there was no quid pro quo attached.

I spoke with Rand last night and he is rock solid – same as always.

Don’t listen to the nonsense being circulated that is designed to create dissension.  We are finally on the verge of winning something really big and there are those in the liberty movement who seemingly cannot handle it. Let’s help Rand Paul all we can.  Jack (Barack Obama) Conway must be defeated.  You can help me and help Rand by forwarding my message, and anyone who needs further assurance can please call me.

Bernie Kunkel

Northern Kentucky Field Director

Rand Paul for U.S. senate 2010


October 13th, 2010 at 5:53 am

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