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Something You Should Know About Hal Heiner

By Theresa Camoriano

I would like to tell you something about Hal Heiner,  candidate for Louisville Mayor, that the official campaign probably won’t tell you.

I have known Hal and his wife Sheila for over twenty years.  Did you know that, on two separate occasions, they have offered reassurance to a pregnant woman who was heading to prison, promising her that she didn’t have to be afraid to have her baby, because they would take care of it until she got out of prison?  Now that’s a commitment!

They took good care of those babies, and the second one eventually became a permanent member of their family.

I hope Hal and Sheila will not be angry with me for sharing this personal information with you, but I think it is something you should know, because it gives you insight into the kind of people they are.   They care about every person, even the most powerless and helpless, and they keep their commitments.   They don’t just talk the talk; they really walk the walk.

So not only does Hal have great ideas and the knowledge, experience, and desire to carry them out, but he also has a personal history of real caring and commitment.  I just thought you should know.

(Click here to find ways you can volunteer for Hal’s campaign.)

September 24th, 2010 at 4:21 pm

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  1. ClearAndPresentThinking Says:

    Wow! Talk about ‘serving’ our community in ways that are over and beyond. Hal and Shelia have clearly set the bar higher for the rest of us. Now that you’ve let the word out about this wonderful family can you just imagine how Hal will serve Louisville Metro as mayor and Shelia as 1st Lady? Having leaders that take action that benefits the least of us at the same time motivating the rest of us to do better sure sounds like leadership. Isn’t this the kind of leadership we always hope and wish for but never seem to get because the leader promising it just can never deliver. Well, here’s a leader that delivered before we could even ask. I can’t wait for Hal and other leaders like him to lead Louisville to its greatness. Please vote Hal Heiner for mayor.

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