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Who’s radical? Why John Yarmuth must be defeated:

By Marilyn Parker

John Yarmuth is Nancy Pelosi’s strategic communications advisor. and votes 97% in line with  Pelosi and Barack Obama.

John Yarmuth got elected as a freshman congressman to the powerful Ways and Means committee because Nancy Pelosi saw a liberal after her own heart.

He advocates for tax payer funded abortions,

Taxpayer funded healthcare for illegals through amnesty,

and  rationing  our healthcare to the cost of 1.2 trillion in taxpayer dollars, when free market solutions are available.

John Yarmuth voted for the borrowed $800 billion  TARP bailout, which didn’t free up lending,  padded the books of the banks, and  the rest was spent on EARMARKS.

When asked—“How are you going to pay for this $12 trillion dollar  unsustainable debt?  his answer repeatedly is “I don’t know.”

John Yarmuth  voted for the $800 billion borrowed “nonstimulus” which promised us 3 million jobs and instead has lost over 4 million, and why— because  it created a payback to special interests groups that helped get his administration elected. It only created government jobs, and union jobs. Jobs for the Democrat voting base.

John Yarmuth  voted for the Energy Tax, a job killing, home foreclosing , business destroying useless piece of legislation all based on the premise of global warming, supported by faulty data, that will raise the average homeowner’s utility bill $1600 and will cost KY 20,000 more job losses in the coal industry alone.

John Yarmuth  favors raising your taxes— a lot.    John Yarmuth  has stated that “We are going to raise your taxes, get over it”    Not a good thing to say when his side created the policies of the subprime loans that  almost toppled the banks ,that created the recession and joblessness in the first place.  His party’s scapegoat—Blame Bush.  Raising taxes  and extreme deficit spending in a recession will fuel a deep, deep, deep, recession.

John Yarmuth’s history of voting for irresponsible deficit spending to line the pockets of his voting base and campaign contributors,  (trial lawyers and unions) has made the economy worse. Now he is voting to raise taxes ,in a  recession, that his side created, that will completely destroy what’s left of the U.S. economy.

John Yarmuth has  stated that  “If every member of congress read the bills, we would never  get anything done.”

John Yarmuth hates your second amendment rights and calls gun owners the “scourge of America.” He believes that the second amendment only refers to gun ownership by a government sponsored militia.

John Yarmuth was founder and owner of LEO magazine, a voice box  for  liberal socialists, whose classified section advertises every kind of sex advertisement known to man.

John Yarmuth  holds 5 million dollars worth of stock in his brother’s elderly care facility, Almost Family, which derives 80% of its payments from Medicare. He directly profits from healthcare legislation that he writes and votes for,  increasing the scope of government intervention.

John Yarmuth’s congress has an 11% approval rating and only 9%  have ever even worked in the private sector. They do not understand economics, they do not understand  America, and John Yarmuth is simply not listening.

John Yarmuth will not tell you that:

The Bush tax cuts  created 2 million jobs.

Bill Clinton created jobs because he cut capital gains taxes.

JFK  cut taxes and created jobs.

The Reagan tax cuts  created 22 million jobs, cut the Carter unemployment rate from 10% to 5%, and doubled revenue back to Washington.  Then a Democratic congress got elected and spent it. The same thing happened under Bush. The Bush deficit in 07 was $200 billion. The Obama deficit last month alone was $180 billion. A Democratic congress got elected in 06 and started spending. The jobless rate in  07 was 5%. The jobless rate in 2010 is 10%. It is time for America to wake up.

We have a right to vote in this country but with that right comes the responsibility to know what you are voting for. This last election Americans did not do their homework. This next election, people need to know that John Yarmuth is voting for socialism and the bankrupting of our country.   Please forward  this to 30 freedom loving concerned citizens of KY’s 3rd district/Louisville,  and ask them  to do the same.    And  Please vote November 2cd .

It’s time— to take—our country back!

August 13th, 2010 at 6:52 am

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  1. tommy71860 Says:

    Ronald Reagan raised taxes ELEVEN times, including capital gains taxes.

  2. tommy71860 Says:

    Ronald Reagan granted AMNESTY to over SIX MILLION ILLEGALS.

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