Your Liberty is Our Interest




God bless Sen. Cruz and all others who are trying to govern precisely as they promised and to give conservatism — and thus America — a fighting chance.David Limbaugh

If one can put aside the revulsion for a moment, it is worth asking the deeper question of why an organization like Planned Parenthood even exists.  They claim to exist to provide “health care” to women. But the destruction of our own children is not “health care.”  – Laura Hollis

As we have said here for weeks, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) 58% has never for a second planned to do anything that would actually stop your tax money from going to Planned Parenthood. That is why he did not allow even a roll call vote on the Cruz/Lee amendment to the Highway Bill. That is why he humored Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) 87% with a standalone bill that he knew good and well would fail. And that is why he has already declared that he will not allow a Planned Parenthood rider to the CR this fall.  His plan all along has been to fail, and to fundraise off his failure,Leon Wolf

There was a great Marxist named Lenin / Who did two or three million men in / —That’s a lot to have done in / But where he did one in / That grand Marxist Stalin did ten in. 

When Obama betrayed his pledge and went to the Security Council on Monday, he gave Congress an opening to reconsider its position, ditch the restrictive Corker-Cardin law and reassert the Senate’s treaty approving authority.Caroline Glick


Iran has been at war with us for 36 years, and this deal–the latest of its kind–gives Iran lots of money to kill even more Americans.  – Michael Ledeen

Today, people mock Chamberlain. But just change the names, and you realize that we are living through a repetition of Munich. Substitute the Islamic Republic of Iran for Nazi Germany, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei for Hitler, Barack Obama and John Kerry for Chamberlain, Israel for Czechoslovakia and for Europe’s Jews, and the increasingly unsafe world of 2015 for the increasingly unsafe world of 1938.Dennis Prager

Changing the goal after the fact is just one of the ways the left has portrayed its failures as successes. Thomas Sowell

Leftism appeals to those who wish to remain innocent children. Growing up and facing the fact that life is messy, difficult and painful is increasingly a conservative point of view. — Dennis Prager

All men are created equal, but as each man becomes himself, each to his own design, no two men can ever be ‘equal’ again. This is the essence of Liberty : God gives each man the same start, the same ‘chance’ to prove his ‘inequality’ from all the others. Socialism seeks to impose ‘equality’ where it cannot possibly exist.——John Knapp  

As Gelonesi explains it, “The power of the family to tilt equality” creates an “unfair advantage” for children without loving biological parents. “When a parent wants to do the best for her child,” he claims, it necessarily “makes the playing field for others even more lopsided.” And so, whereas the conservative solution is to offer a leg up, the “progressive” solution prefers a jackboot down -Matt Barber (Is it time to abolish the family?)

Despite pious rhetoric on the left about “asking” the more fortunate for more money, the government does not “ask” anything. It seizes what it wants by force. If you don’t pay up, it can take not only your paycheck, it can seize your bank account, put a lien on your home and/or put you in federal prison.  So please don’t insult our intelligence by talking piously about “asking.”  And please don’t call the government’s pouring trillions of tax dollars down a bottomless pit “investment.” — Thomas Sowell

Time for a new Sexual Counter-revolution:  Men: What if you saw yourselves as gentlemen — men of honor, whose social responsibility it was to protect the women you are with (for an evening or longer)?… Women: What if you refused to settle for a drunken hookup in a dorm room with an equally inebriated stranger?— Laura Hollis